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  • Principles of Law, First Revised Edition, 2018.
  • Principles of Law (Relating to Banking), Tanzania Institute of Bankers, Dar es Salaam, 2005.
  • Sheria za Madhara, Research and Publications Committee (RAP), Mzumbe, 1990.

Journal Articles and Chapters in Books:

  • ‘‘Human Rights, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Tanzania’’, 5th Chapter, in Tanzania and Prison Service Human Rights Training Manual, TPS, 2013.
  • “Gender and the Law in Tanzania: Aspects of the Position of Women on Land and Property, in William Binchy and Catherine Finnegan (eds.) Human Rights, Constitutionalism and the Judiciary: Tanzania and Irish Perspectives, Claus Press, Dublin, 2006, pp. 93-109 (ISBN 1-905536-04-6).
  • "Food Quality and Safety Control in Tanzania" Vol. 6 No. 1, The African Journal of Finance Management.

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