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A Book Chapter

An Article titled, “the State of Constitutionalism and a Bumpy Drive to a New Constitution in Tanzania: Review for the Year 2011” in Alexander Makulilo (ed.), the Annual State of Constitutionalism in East Africa, Fountain Publishers, Kampala, pp.79-145.

Journal Articles

  • An Article titled, The Procedure of a Trial within a Trial: The Need for a Statutory Intervention, Published in East African Law Review, Combined Issue, Vols 35-40, 2009].
  • An Article titled, Disqualification of Judges in Judicial Proceedings in Tanzania: A Lawyer’s Minefield, published in The Tanzania Lawyer, Vol. 2, Issue No 1, 2008.
  • An Article titled “Observations on the Law and Exercise of Prerogative of Mercy in Tanzania”, in Nyerere Law Journal, Vol.1, 2014.
  • An Article titled, The Uncertainty of Law on the Offence of “Armed Robbery” in Tanzania: Transgression of the Treasured Principle of Legality, in Eastern Africa Law Review, Vol.41, No.1, July 2014, pp.1-51.

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