On Monday, 18th June 2018, UDSOL staff met to bid farewell to its former staff members Dr Evaristo Longopa (appointed the Deputy Attorney General) and Ms Hadija Suku, Ms Dorice Duncan and Mr Robert Tilumanywa who have been transferred to other Universtiy departments. The meeting was done to appreciate their invaluable contributions and outstanding service to the School. 


The Associate Dean, Dr Juliana Masabo (left), stressing a point during the meeting. On the right is Prof Hamudi Majamba, the School's Dean


Ms Hadija Suku (standing), now transferred to estate department.



Ms Dorice Duncan (Standing), now transferred to the Directorate of Human Resources


The Dean of School of Law, Prof Hamudi Majamba (left) with the Deputy Attorney General (right)



The Deputy Attorney General, Dr Evaristo Longopa (right), receiving a gift from the School for his outstanding service at the School.

The Monday meeting also welcomed new staff members, Ms Anne Mwinuka, Mr Stephen Ayo, Ms Irene Kivugo and Mr Namagenda Tilumanywa who join the Schools' administrative staff.


Mr Stephen Ayo (standing) with other staff members 


Some members of staff posing with Dr Evaristo Longopa (on the left). Others, from left, are Prof Hamudi Majamba, Ms Hadija Suku, Dr Sostenes Materu (Head of the Public Law Department), Ms Dorice Duncan, Dr Juliana Masab0 and Dr Baraka Kanyabuhinya (Head of the Public Law Department)


Some staff members posing after the farewell event