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26th May to 2nd June, Leiden University, The Hague

The University of Dar-es-Salaam School of Law (UDSoL) participated in the ICC Moot Court Competition 2018 held at Universiteit Leiden. The final rounds were held at ICC Trial Chamber in the Hague, Netherlands. 


 UDSOL Moot Court Team arriving at the ICC Chambers, the Hague

The competition based on a theme whether human trafficking can be added to the definition of “other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health” under Article 7(k) of the ICC Statute so as to fall within the ambit of the offences over which the Court can exercise jurisdiction.  Other sub-themes were on corporate criminal responsibility in the ICC and the relationship between national courts and the ICC.  Students were given a hypothetical case and were required to prepare both oral and written arguments for the prosecution, defence and victims.


UDSOL Team with participants from China

The International Bar Association (IBA), one of the competition sponsors, sponsored our team consisting of four LL. B students; Irene Meta, Paul Kisabo, Magdalena Mshana and Gloria Mwandelema.  Mr Abdallah Gonzi (Moot Court Coordinator) also benefited from the sponsorship covering return air tickets, meals, accommodation, medical insurance and visas.  The Faculty of Law of the University of Leiden provided the team with an online coach (Ms Anna Maria Enache) from Romania who is an LL.M Graduate of the University of Leiden and an Alumnus of the ICC Moot Court. 

The competition comprised two phases; preliminary rounds and the finals.  During the preliminary rounds, our team faced twelve teams from different jurisdictions. These included Japan, Iran, Germany, China, South Africa, Brazil, Singapore and Switzerland. Each round had three teams from three different universities, each pleading for prosecution, defence and victims.  Each student had 30 minutes to plead before a panel of judges who are experts in international criminal law.



UDSOL Team with Moot Court Competition Judges at the ICC


Scores for oral and written pleadings

Students’ scores in their oral and written pleadings are indicated in the table below;

SN Name   Oral Written Average score
1. Irene Meta Defence 75.91% 67% 71.45%
2. Paul Kisabo Prosecution 67.25% 83% 75.125%
3. Magdalena Mshana Victims 67.75% 82% 74.875%

The team’s average score from oral and written pleadings was 74% by the closure of the preliminary rounds. This is an average of ‘A’ and very commendable.

Our team did not progress to the next stages as was the case for other African teams (Kenya, Gambia, South Africa and Nigeria).  The team from Singapore won the competition.

We wish to thank the entire team and all those who took part in preparing for the competition. A note of appreciation will be sent to the IBA by the Office of the Dean.

Prof. Majamba

14th June 2018

Deans’ Message









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